Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas is coming HO! HO! HO!

Quick post from me today as rushing around like luny trying to get things done. Yesterday while putting up decorations , wrapping pressies, and shopping!! I took time to take this years xmas photo of my beautiful Golden Retriever Meg, she is 12yrs old (13 in March) and has had soooooo many health problems over the last 2 years, the last one 4 weeks ago when she had a tumor removed from her face, she is ok again now but she is such a good patient the vets are amazed at her (just to say I think we own the surgery now though!!!) but she's worth it. Hope you like piccy - she really was not amused but goes along with everything in her laid back way- Love her to bits.

Megs thoughts - Oh no not that time of year again!

Smile for the Camera-hope I get Biscuit soon!!

Hope this brings a smile into some of the chaos we are all experiencing at the moment, better get off now and finish decorations and tidy up, then wrap some more presents - hope I've got everything :-(

Bye for now

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